Company Overview

Pragmatic Investing

Mergence Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd is an independent asset manager with a pragmatic investment approach that readily enables offerings across the investment risk spectrum. We've been a registered financial services provider since 2005.

Our pragmatic investment philosophy recognises the dynamism of markets and thus the cyclicality of performance of different investment styles over time. At Mergence, we attempt to understand how the world really works rather than how we think it should work (pragmatism), especially pertaining to markets and investments. Furthermore, a responsible investing (ESG) ethos is embedded in our investment process.

Our focus is on the provision of investment management services to institutional clients within South Africa. Our clients comprise of institutional pension funds, government agencies, fund of funds managers and multi managers within SADC. Our experience and skill enables us to offer expertise in the following investment areas:

SA Equity Funds
Absolute Return Funds
Socially Responsible/Impact Investment

Our Values

Mergence embraces the following values:

  • Superior Investment Performance
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Transparency

The Mergence ethos and culture are further characterised by:

  • Team with diverse, but complementary, skills
  • Dynamic and open environment
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Continuous improvement
  • Learning organisation
  • Strong sense of stakeholdership by all employees
Investment Managers