Empowered Thinking

Mergence embraces the multi-culturalism and multi-racial diversity of South Africa and we are building a business that reflects this. Our key focus areas in terms of compliance with the Codes are:

Employment Equity

Our staff complement reflects the demographics of South Africa.

Education and Training

Ongoing education and development of staff is a key feature of our business strategy. A percentage of the annual payroll is allocated to skills training initiatives, both in-house and externally.


Our procurement spend is directed primarily at BEE companies. We support black SME's and conduct screening of all suppliers to ensure their compliance with BEE criteria. Emphasis is placed on supporting smaller companies and we believe in helping these businesses to achieve growth and success over time

Corporate Social Investment

Mergence investment professionals avail themselves to conduct lectures/tutorials on a pro bono basis at Tsiba Education. Given capacity, we further offer an internship program for formerly disenfranchised graduates. We actively participate in the South African Education and Environment Project which looks after the need of high school learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in the Western Cape. Mergence also supports the no.43 Trelawney Park national monument and related initiatives.

Investment Managers